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Blast Off - World Of Lies

Blast Off - World Of Lies

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Nima : Blast Off is a rather new band from Galacia, and ‘World Of Lies’ is their second EP. I’m not familiar with 2012’s ‘Devious Insane’, but the band seems to have gained good respond on that release. If the material on that demo is as good as what we hear on ‘World Of Lies’, then I can totally understand the positive reactions.

These gentlemen play aggressive thrash that fits perfectly to the current new old-school movement. On ‘World Of Lies’ they deliver four powerful thrashers that grab you by the throat for about fifteen minutes and force your neck muscles to work. Of course there are no traces of originality or innovation to be recognized here, and the band clearly shows influences by bands like Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Testament, and Death, combined with the sharpness that most South-American thrash characterizes. Although the music blasts forward in general, the men also come with enough variety in order to keep things interesting. They also leave no room for discussion on instrumental level and show highly technical skills from time to time. Thanks to the blackened vocals (that remind a bit of Jeff Walker’s from Carcass) the music gets an even more aggressive vibe. All in all Blast Off doesn’t do anything shocking here, but they sure know how to thrash and show a lot of potential. Fans of the genre will definitely appreciate this band.

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