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Avatarium - All I Want

Avatarium - All I Want

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under doom metal

Release type: 12"

Pim B. : and the great first album Avatarium returns with a new release. This time it’s a 10” vinyl disc with two new songs and some live tracks.

The band opens with the driving ‘All I Want’. A song with a great groove, fabulous guitar work and mesmerizing vocals by Jennie-Ann Smith. The other new song ‘Deep Well’ is more modest. It also has great guitar work and a nice role for the organ. A great song. The live songs on this release were recorded at Roadburn in 2013. This was Avatarium’s second show ever. You can hear a professional and tight band though. ‘Pandoras Egg’ is one of the cooler songs of the debut and convinces in this live version as well. ‘Tides Of Telepathy’ is also a brilliant song when played live. At the end of the song Marcus Jidell’s solo even reminds of ‘All Along The Watchtower’, the way Jimi Hendrix played that song. Last but not least we get ‘Bird Of Prey’, which is also one of the stronger songs by Avatarium. This release will keep fans of Avatarium in line before a new album will be released.

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