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Ancient Dome - Cosmic Gateway To Infinity

Ancient Dome - Cosmic Gateway To Infinity

Label : Punishment 18 Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Thrash metal that has the universe as main topic, this does probably not make you think of Italy. This country is known best for its hordes of bombastic power metal bands fronted by singers that sometimes seem to lack two little balls. Here we will be talking about the group Ancient Dome, who now come with their third album ‘Cosmic Gateway To Infinity’.

From a stylistic point of view, Ancient Dome is a crossover between the Bay-area thrash and the Teutonic variant and it is among the lighter bands in the thrash genre. Though all songs deal with cosmic themes (like the previous two albums) the album does not seem to have a storyline. The music, which is of course the main deal here, sounds fine. The variation is reasonably good and both vocals and instrumentation is okay. The album sounds a bit dated for this time, the guitars could have been put in the mix in a more prominent way. And again I want to point it out, for it simply bothers me. Like with all Italian bands the pronunciation of the English language is horribly bad, so that the word ‘gateway’ suddenly becomes ‘get away’. How hard can it be to practise on this?

Altogether, ‘Cosmic Gateway To Infinity’ is a very decent disk. Light thrash about cosmic themes. Though some things could be better, the long songs do captivate. If you have something with light thrash and you can also approve science fiction, you should give this cd a try.

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