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Darkest Horizon - The Grand Continuum

Darkest Horizon - The Grand Continuum

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : It is outrageous that some crappy bands do have a deal with a label, while other very talented ones have to do it alone. So the question arises how the hell it is possible that the German act Darkest Horizon has no record deal. This debut album, ‘The Grand Continuum’, is the best I've heard this year. in the field of death metal. A lot of established acts will be yearning for their mothers and cry when they hear this album and this act gets a record deal. Goddamn! This really is a wonderful album.

The death metal is supported by a great sound and is never boring. If you call yourself a death metal fan and you don’t like this you should see a doctor. Everything death metal has to offer is included: emotion, aggression, melodies, power, grunts, screams, blast beats, tech, prog and delicious drums. This is such a great album because all the elements referred to are forged into one great, narrative experience. However, a few of them deserve extra attention. The vocals are pretty diverse and good and have a clear emotional charge. In addition, they are brutal and well understandable. All in all, great. The melodies are really pleasing to the ear, despite the grunts. Beautiful they are, after listening for a few times you feel a climax with beautiful layered guitars, double bass and the most wonderful melodies after each break. Everything is right on this album. I am sure this act will be very popular, otherwise I'm not a metal fan. Bands that the music refers to: Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, Dark Tranquillity, This Ending and of course Maiden.

This is the absolute must-have for every serious (death) metal fan. I would even go that far to say that this transcends the genre so far. A recommendation to listen is impossible, but if it is needed it would be the added YouTube clip: ‘Interdimensional’. You have to listen all the way, it is not optional!!

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