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The NimbWits - To Punk Or Not To Be

The NimbWits - To Punk Or Not To Be

Label : Schizophrenic Inc. | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : You might remember the legendary Danish band Artillery. Their original drummer that played the renowned ‘Fear Of Tomorrow’, ‘Hate Squad’ and ‘By Inheritance’ albums as well as the bands come-back albums ‘When Death Comes’ and ‘My Blood’ decided to leave the band in 2012 to be able to concentrate on his newest outfit: The NimbWits. Their debut album ‘To Punk Or Not To Be’ just saw the light of day through Schizophrenic Inc.. The package also includes an additional CD, the 2013 ‘Punks Not Dead, Just Older And Uglier’ demo. Value for money!

You might have noticed that The NimbWits don’t play Danish Dynamite thrash metal but hardcore / punk and they do it quite well! The greatest thing about the band is that they combine old school punk with melodic elements and now and then they even throw in some bagpipes to keep the album varied, punchy and constantly stimulating. Add some guest appearances by Mercyful Fate’s Michael Denner and Artillery’s Michael Stutzer and you just know that nothing can go wrong with this CD. A refreshingly cool melodic punk pop album!

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