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Winterfylleth  - The Divination Of Antiquity

Winterfylleth - The Divination Of Antiquity

Label : Candlelight | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : October has broken again. The days are getting shorter, you feel autumn drawing near in misty fields and meadows and the evenings are getting chill. Almost traditionally it happens to be the month that Winterfylleth comes up with a new album every two years. Consequently their name stands for the October month in old English. Even only the title of their fourth studio album ‘The Divination Of Antiquity’ illustrates the huge respect for the wealthy heritage of Anglo-Saxon regions. Again the lyrics appear to be an intelligent reference book for those who want to dig deeper into the legacy of our ancestors.

With ’The Mercian Sphere’ and ’The Threnody Of Triumph’, the four-piece made an overwhelming impression, not only on the undersigned, but generally speaking on the press and fans of very epic black metal. Step by step they expanded their kingdom by playing shows as much as possible. Thus a well-oiled unit joined their usual producer Chris Fielding in his brand new Skyhammer Studios at the English countryside. The result is once again compelling, epic and most of all rigorously heavy.

After a minuscule moment of hesitation, the title song breaks the silence with considerable speed and heaviness. Actually you best just let this music come straight over you and undergo it. This flight over British breathtaking landscapes includes a wall of guitars and the rough but not too shrill vocals of guitarist Chris Fielding, but also an opulence of meandering, almost graceful leads and soloing. The next tracks ‘Whisper Of The Elements’ and ‘Warrior Herd’ remain rigorous and harsh, although breaks and atmospheric passages bring in proper doses of variegation. The majestic background in the music is omnipresent. The slower ‘A Careworn Heart’ increases the magic. An acoustic intro with captivating chants and generally slackening down pace create lots of great moments. That is also tenable for ‘Foundations Of Ash’, building up tension in a wonderful manner. Winterfylleth is famous for its introvert, acoustic in-betweenies. ‘The World Ahead’ is such a shiver-inducing interlude this time. In addition one can hear heathen, solemn chants (clean) again in the next tracks. Among them, ‘Forsaken In Stone’ turned into an amazing highlight with slow, ponderous riffs and an incredible impact. As the band mentions, this time they inserted some slower, doom-like elements, but the good thing is that they do it without losing momentum. This is an album of a band that always operates at ultra high level. ‘The Divination Of Antiquity’ is the next masterpiece to prove that.

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