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Wild Rose - Hit ‘n’ Run

Wild Rose - Hit ‘n’ Run

Label : AOR Boulevard Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : In March of 2013 former colleague Guus was quite praiseful about the second album of the Greek A.O.R. band Wild Rose, entitled ‘Dangerous’. That album has completely escaped my attention, but now that I’ve listened to its successor ‘Hit ‘n’ Run’ for many times, I can really imagine that Guus was very positive about this outfit and as a true A.O.R. lover I therefore can’t do anything else than go out and look for the first two Wild Rose full-length albums and add them to my personal collection. Wild Rose has everything that a good A.O.R.-band needs: a perfect mix between keyboards and guitar, very cool and catchy song material, prime background vocals and, maybe the most important of all, a very good lead singer. To start off with the latter: singer David Saylor has a very pleasant, somewhat hoarse, voice which fits perfectly within the lovely song material that is to be found on ‘Hit ‘n’ Run’. And now that we’re talking about that song material: just listen to tracks like ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Stay’, ‘Without Your Love’, ‘Can’t Wait On Love’ and ‘Don’t Walk Away’, all prime examples of excellently written and performed A.O.R.-songs which will certainly be appreciated by the fans of the genre. I must honestly admit that I didn’t know the band at all until I got in touch with this ‘Hit ‘n’ Run’, but my first acquaintance with Wild Rose has been an extremely positive one I must say!

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