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Solitary Sabred - Redemption Through Force

Solitary Sabred - Redemption Through Force

Label : Pitch Black Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : I had never heard of this band before, but their second long player, ‘Redemption Through Force’, for me is the surprise of the month. The record was self-released in the summer, but is now available for a bigger audience through Pitch Black Records. After hearing this heavy/power metal assault I must say that I have to get myself their 2009 debut, ‘The Hero the Monster the Myth’, as soon as possible as well.

What this quintet from Cyprus reveals on this record is a combination of sturdy US power metal and the European variant. The music sounds quite old-school, but at the same time also contemporary. The gentlemen take influences from bands such as Gothic Knights, Zandelle, Liege Lord, Helstar, Vicious Rumors, King Diamond and early Blind Guardian, Helloween and co. and melt them together into one delightful chunk of pure heroic, epic power metal. De songs are filled with strong, catchy riffs and ditto vocals, beautiful guitar melodies and solos. There is also enough room for variety in order to keep you focused from start to finish. All eight tracks (the three short intro’s not included) are strong and manage to convince to the full. And in ‘Redeemer’, ‘Damnation’, the King Diamond-like ‘Sarah Lancaster (The Witch's Breed)’ and especially the magnificent ‘Burn Magic, Black Magic’ the album has a couple of absolute highlights.

The gentlemen leave no room for discussion on instrumental matters, and their tight playing (but also solid songwriting) proves that we’re not dealing with rookies here. In Petro Leptos the band also has a strong and versatile vocalist, who stands his ground in both the lower and higher regions (in which he comes quite close to King Diamond and Matt Barlow’s head voice), and doesn’t drop any stitches. The production is tastefully sharp (but not shrill) and has an old-school charm over it. And finally the beautiful old-school cover artwork completes the picture. As far as I’m concerned with ‘Redemption Through Force’ we have one of the strongest efforts of 2014 in this genre. Why the hell is this band still unsigned?

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