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Meshuggah - The Ophidian Trek

Meshuggah - The Ophidian Trek

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : Seeing Meshuggah live is quite an experience and I am one among many others who can assent that. In February 2010 this band released their first live DVD called ‘Alive’ and with the release of ‘The Ophidian Trek’ there is a follow up on that.

The kick-off is done by ‘Swarmer’. The perfect track to get your neck muscles warm for the fireworks the band is going deliver later. ‘Swarmer’ is one of my personal favorites coming from the ‘Kolos’ album and it come out great live, because of that intense vibe were Meshuggah is known for. Most of the tracks that are showcased on this DVD are from their latest two albums and like on their previous live DVD ‘Alive’ there is nothing to present from their first two albums. Although they are regarded as two classic albums I still don’t really miss them, because Meshuggah has managed to create even more classic releases later on in their career. Tracks like ‘Combustion’ and ‘Bleed’ are a few among others that invite your for some good old mosh-pit action, and the crushing ultra-heavy grooves you’ll find in tracks like ‘Obzen’ and ‘Lethargica’ could easily result in a call to your glass insurance company. ‘Mind’s Mirrors’, ‘In Death - Is Life’ and ‘In Death - Is Death’ couldn’t make the end even more epic. As well as on their latest release ‘Kolos’, the outro is delivered by ‘The Last Vigil’.

The main difference in comparison with ‘Alive’ is that this one is completely focused on their live performance where ‘Alive’ showed some documentary footage in between the songs, and this is something that makes ‘The Ophidian Trek‘ a great addition to their catalogue. Also important to mention is the absolute tight mix done by Daniel Bergstrand, which is almost of a studio recording quality but still containing that “live” vibe. The use of different locations like Wacken 2013 and The Brixton Academy (London) were the footage was shot keeps it all nicely varied.

With ‘The Ophidian Trek‘ Meshuggah have managed to transfer that overwhelming intensity from the stage into your living room, and their excellent performance will leave everybody with a deep respect for this band.

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