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Meshuggah - I

Meshuggah - I

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under different metal

Release type: Re-release

Remie : For the Meshuggah fans this EP is presumably quite familiar and considered a classic. In 2004 this one tracker already saw the light of day and in meanwhile the band have seemed to decide to release it again with an upgraded mix added with two live tracks and the in 2003 recorded ‘Pitch Black’.

‘I’ is obviously the most important track on this EP and to me this is a true Meshuggah classic, and can be seen as a summarization of everything were this band is capable of. Were many twenty plus minute tracks from other bands builds up in a mellow intro, Meshuggah goes for a “not beating around the bush” approach and starts with a neighbor-haunting crushing riff, followed by some more epic moments of extremity. People who haven’t heard this track before should really give this a listen, because this is something that will leave you stunned. The biggest difference between the 2004 and 2014 version is that the mix is somewhat more defined in the 2014, which make everything sound a bit more articulate and clear. It is not a huge difference but still noticeable.

Then the two live tracks: ‘Bleed’ and the one who was already on the ‘Pitch Black’ EP ‘Dancers To A Discordant System’. Again two Meshuggah classics with a good sound and both are very well performed. Finally we stumble on ‘Pitch Black’. This track somewhat seemed to remind me of the tracks on the ‘None’ EP but then with the late eight-string menace. It has that nice fusion-like vibe to it but with that “signature” Meshuggah intensity. All in all this is a very interesting re-release for the newer Meshuggah fans. For those who already own everything from the band it probably is nothing more than a nice asset to their collection.

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