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Dioramic - Supra

Dioramic - Supra

Label : Pelagic Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : Somewhere in august I received the new Dioramic album called ‘Supra’ for review. In their biography I noticed their description of influences, which I found quite remarkable. Muse, Meshuggah, Textures and Deftones it said, pretty interesting.

Right from the start I got carried away in an adventure which has an intensity that was building up every second and most important is that Dioramic seem to have discovered a new and unique blend of styles. There are more bands that mix metal with alternative rock influences of course, but most of them have quite an easy approachable sound compared to what Dioramic delivered on this album. It is probably best described as the intensity of Meshuggah mixed with the bombastic orchestration you find in some Muse tracks. The smooth blending of different styles is something that reminded me of bands like Textures and Hacride. The vocal performance is absolutely outstanding. Arkadi Zaslavski seemed to have created a hybrid between Muse’s front man Matthew Bellamy and Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno. Like the music the melancholy is dripping from it and therefore the vocals never really are accessible, something that makes the listening experience a bit more challenging but most important very enjoyable.

A track like ‘Worth’ clearly showcases their Muse influences and is the most accessible on their album. However you still find a unique mood in here. In ‘The Calm Before’ this mood is more present, and possesses a melancholy which gave me chills in my spine, but in the most positive way possible. And talking about melancholy, the track ‘Melancholia’ showcases the ambient side of the band and possesses that grand finale feel. But still there are two tracks left. ‘Logbook’ is a summary of all the great things you heard before on this album which is followed by the three and half minute ‘Vortex Reflex’. It’s the perfect closer and at the same time one of the easier tracks on ‘Supra’, provided with an intense and dreamy vibe.

Dioramic has certainly outdone their selves and were you think all has been done, this band proves you wrong and shows you there is still allot to discover when it comes to making new and innovative music. I also need to mention the big step up if you compare this album with their 2011 release ‘Technicolor’. After listening to ‘Supra’ many over and over I realized this is one of the best things I heard in the past few years and I won’t be surprised if this album is becoming one of my all-time favorites.

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