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Deliberate Chaos - Future Changes The Past

Deliberate Chaos - Future Changes The Past

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Remco Post : ‘Future Changes To Past’ is the debut album of this Ukrainian band. The supplied bio is extremely short and the only thing it says is that they are 'deeply inspired by scientific phenomenon’s’. The opening track 'Beginning Of The Cycle’ reminds me of the bridge in the song 'Metropolis Pt. 1' from Dream Theater. The illogic of the rhythms and, above all, what this bass player plays makes me strongly think of this band. Despite this it is an album that cannot intrigue me enough. Each song contains different beats and fragments that sound quite messy which after while is getting annoying. Also the guitar sound is not great what also does not help to make it more nice. In concclusion, unless this kind of music is really your thing it this album could best be left alone.

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