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Red Raven  - Chapter One: The Principles

Red Raven - Chapter One: The Principles

Label : Sonic Revolution | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : As a reviewer you get your material offered in different ways. The old fashioned is often the most fun: a CD along with an information sheet in which the band is hailed as the new conquerors of the genre. These are often fun sheets to read because each time new arguments ought to be found why this release really is better than all the others. Well, this all makes sense but a writer should know not to cross the borders of that which will be accepted. In this leaflet singer Frank Beck is descriped as one of the best singers in Europe. And this band defines modern hard rock again. Hilarious of course and I think it's fine that it is described the way it is in this leaflet. On one rock hard condition, you should be able to fulfil the promise. Or at least come close. Exaggerating is accepted but do not lie to me. Simple motto. And which of these offers Red Raven?

Well let's start with singer Frank: a nice singer. He can supplement solid hard rock with powerful singing. There where he needs to hit the higher notes, he will reach them. The power ballads are also fine. But that's it. It is all sufficient and well worth the effort but do not give me the utter shit of granting him the position of 'one of the best singers in Europe'. If you put Bruce Dickinson, Damian Wilson, Vincent Cavanagh or Wudstik next to him, then you will understand Frank is good, but will not be able to play in this league. And these comparisons go for the rest of the band as well. Musically it is all well played hard rock, but it certainly is not surpassing a band Vengeance or Van Halen. These oldies sound more fresh, more creative and more convincing. Where the former would score eighty points Red Raven does not pass seventy points. And when I take the choirs (sometimes enough to make one squirm) in account or for example the drummer touching his kit instead of hitting it with his just does not convince me. The Song ‘I Don’t Care’ is the one song for me that saves the day to keep the final score above 60 points.

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