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Soulhealer - Bear The Cross

Soulhealer - Bear The Cross

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The Finnish band Soulhealer has arrived at its third album already. Some years ago, my colleague was not nearly impressed with their first album as you can read here. Some searching on the internet got me to some of this older work and after listening I can only agree with him. But you never know, it is the thirds album already and perhaps the third time is the charm?

On ‘Bear The Cross’ it is evident the band has progressed since their last efforts. The song material is more catchy and the speed has increased somewhat. Most noteworthy of the changes is how singer Jori increased his Blaze-reminiscent singing. He is still no world-class vocalist but this sounds more pleasurable than it has done so far. Still this CD did not turn out to be a winner. Many of the songs are based on simple and little varying guitar lines which causes boredom to strike eventually. It is good to notice improvement on the material of this group, but I am afraid that my namesake is too mediocre a singer for Soulhealer to achieve fame.

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