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Days We Are Even - Head Into Fire

Days We Are Even - Head Into Fire

Label : Sonic Revolution | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : This is a band with members coming from Germany, Switzerland and Brazil whom released with ‘Himalaya’ their debut in April 2013. On October 2nd their second album ´Head Into Fire´ is set for release, which is therefore a quick follow up. The band plays a style of music that reminded me of bands like Staind, Stone Sour and Seether, all once found in the mainstream of the early zero's. Well-crafted alternative rock songs, but with not a lot to it.

However, there are quite some interesting moments to find. ´Untouchable´ is a track that has some of those moments and is containing a strong almost Fear Factory like chorus. But besides that this band didn´t really manage to bring allot of new and exciting stuff to the table, and the lyrics have managed to get somewhat on my nerves at times. The slick “American” sounding mix does the music perfect justice, but the downside is that almost all life is blown out of it. Despite that there are some short moments of heaviness, it still contains a rather radio friendly sound which make the whole album quite tedious. ‘Head Into Fire’ is an album that will appeal to fans of the earlier mentioned bands and I would even recommend it to them. Regardless that they have managed to make a reasonable album, I still highly doubt if Days We Are Even will ever achieve the same what those bands have.

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