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9000 John Doe - Redneck Is The New Black

9000 John Doe - Redneck Is The New Black

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : A Danish band combining rockabilly with metal? People might immediately think of Volbeat in that sense, but here we have the band 9000 John Doe which take that combination to a more extremer level. In 2011 they already presented their first release with the remarkable title ‘Roll with It Or Get Rolled Over’, and now it’s time for their follow up with again a remarkable title ‘Redneck Is The New Black.

Hillbilly hardcore is how this band coined their music and they cite bands like Pantera and Guns ‘n Roses as their Influences. The result of that is a pleasant rock and roll vibe, which make this an ideal festival and party band. You’ll be coming quite somewhat short if you are really seeking for originality and this record can become rather boring after a while. In the end I think there is certainly is a big audience for the style this band is delivering. ‘Like A Cannonball’ is a great track for some singing and shouting along action, and if you are in search for some mosh pit action I advise you to put on a track like ‘Never Corner A Cobra’. Besides all that there isn’t really allot more to it, and all I can say is that this is a decent release for plenty people to enjoy.

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