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Trioscapes - Digital Dream Sequence

Trioscapes - Digital Dream Sequence

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Trioscapes are back with a new record after their awesome debut. And this time they went deeper into wonderland. The drums, the bass, the sax, and then some extra ingredients: they cooked up one helluva dish this time around. Sometimes you think "well isn't that lick kind of far-fetched and overly complex?", but a few seconds later you're sucked back into the crazy ride and it's all good. 'Digital Dream Sequence' is the kind of complex instrumental record that allows you to go on a giant trip without any headache: you don't need to understand what's happening in order to enjoy all the crazy grooving and soundscapes. Personally, I'd prefer slightly more grooves and less soundscaping, but all in all, it doesn't bother me on this record. The title is very apt, apart from the fact that the analogue instruments involved create the magic.

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