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Wolf - Devil Seed

Wolf - Devil Seed

Label : Century Media | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With a career of almost twenty years Wolf is one of the first bands of the new heavy metal movement from Sweden. I have followed this band from their self-titled debut from 1999 on, and although I don’t find all albums as strong, the band around guitarist/vocalist Niklas "Viper" Stålvind has never disappointed me.

With ‘Devil Seed’ the men have arrived at their seventh long player, which has again become a typical Wolf album, and a logical continuation of the previous records. In comparison with for example ‘Ravenous’ and ’Legions Of Bastard’, ‘Devil Seed’ sounds a bit more balanced and therefore is more able to keep your attention. The mid-tempo approach of the last albums has been set forth, but at the same time they also go back to the sturdier approach of ‘The Black Flame’. Besides that the songwriting is also stronger than on the two previous records. Wolf’s traditional heavy metal has always had a dark edge to it, but on ‘Devil Seed’ the men have taken that to a higher level. In general the album breathes an aggressive, grim and sinister atmosphere, which makes the whole thing more exciting. This applies to me a lot personally and it also keeps me focused. Every track has its moments and this time the album doesn’t have any mediocre songs. I must say that not all tracks are equally strong, but with songs such as the fast ‘Shark Attack’ and ‘Back From The Grave’, the pounding ‘My Demon’, ‘I Am Your Pain’ and ‘Killing Floor, or the heavy ‘River Everlost’ and the magnificent, dark ‘Frozen, the album has a couple of highly powerful tracks.

The choice for the producer couldn’t have been better either. This time the production is from the hands of Jens Bergen, who has the necessary experience with dark, heavy music thanks to his work with Opeth and Katatonia for example. He has given ‘Devil Seed’ the exact right sound, in which the sinister vibe comes well into its own. Besides that the album sounds delightfully full, heavy, contemporary, and well balanced. All in all ‘Devil Seed’ is a highly strong album and for me personally the best effort since ‘The Black Flame’. Wolf fans and fans of modern-sounding old-school (Swedish) heavy metal should definitely give this a shot.

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