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Soulnerve - The Dying Light

Soulnerve - The Dying Light

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Metalcore is not really a genre in which you think of Dutch bands. Soulnerve from the east of the country, however, is a band that can go places in this genre. Well, a band. Spindle and multi-instrumentalist of Soulnerve is Stephan Brus. He plays impressively all instruments while Kevin Klaassen and Koen Vroom are handling the vocal duties. Musically it sounds like metalcore with a good dose of thrash metal, with the clean and raw vocals perfectly alternating. Both also sound very mature, which determines the high level of this album. The songs are also laced with melodic guitar solos which make the band immediately stand out from the crowd. The level of the songs is very consistent, there are no fillers on 'This Dying Light'. Because of the perfect coordination of the vocals all the songs are a pleasure to listen to and is the threat of a rut (which often strikes when metalcore in my case) not an issue. The thrash metal influences make that this album is even removed from the dangerous box of metalcore and make it a Dutch release that may and should be heard beyond the borders of this small country.

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