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Skyscraper - Elevation

Skyscraper - Elevation

Label : Cargo Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : Three grown-up men, two from the United Kingdom and one from Sweden. The two British members, unknown to the wider public, made good music with their bands. The Swede has already practised guitars with some famous musicians. In the end they have two connections: A fascination for Skyscrapers and their debut album: 'Elevation'.

Brilliant! Finally a new album with more than eight or ten songs. In fact, there are than fourteen songs on this one! One of them is an acoustic version of a track on the album, so that one doesn't really count. Thirteen then, with a bonus. And the best part is, all thirteen songs are of an excellent kind. Normally AOR isn't really my kind of music, but this album just hits the spot. At first listen the tracks are good, tight and maybe a bit repetitive. Maybe you'll lose your attention on this release after four or five songs. The only thing, this album only gets better. Listen it a second time, a third time and so on. Yet it keeps getting better and better.

And that's why we cannot point out real depths on the album. Here and there these men can still fine-tune their performance. On 'Playing With Fire' the vocals and the music don't really add up. But the music is still quite good. With tracks like 'Fay Wray', 'Sweet Little Sister' and 'Across The Barricades' they've got some potential hits up their sleeves. 'Runaway Hearts' is one of these potential hits, which gets done again acoustic at the end of the album. The acoustic guitars are played by Bruce Gaitsch, to be known from his work with Madonna and Chicago.

Vocalist Lee Small could be added to the list of best vocalist nowadays. Already working six years with Shy and having a successful solo career, yet I have never heard of him before. Influenced by Glenn Hughes, Robert Plant and here and there a bit of David Coverdale from Whitesnake. But that's something the entire band seems to have. The entire release has a bit of a Whitesnake vibe. Almost all songs are about love, yet in a really subtle way. The music is also influenced by this great band which is not bad at all.

In the end these men make really good Adult Orientated Rock and show us that this genre is alive and kicking. With a fantastic front man and a lot of musical greatness they could really go and make it. I myself am really excited about the live shows and a possible follow-up of this good debut!

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