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Bullet - Storm Of Blades

Bullet - Storm Of Blades

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Two years after the last album ’Full Pull’ Swedish AC/DC strikes again with a new album. Together with Wolf, Bullet is one of the first bands of the new old-school heavy metal movement from Sweden and have built up quite a reputation and fan base in the past fourteen years. Personally I always appreciated the music from these men, and so was looking forward to the fifth long player, ‘Storm Of Bullets’.

Seeing that the band never strayed one bit from their sound and style I expected to hear “more of the same” on the new album. And indeed, the basic formula is still the same, but the band has also done things a bit differently. Most of all they have chosen for a sturdier approach and the tempo has increased in general. Because of this the heavy metal element in the music has also increased a lot. Although the band – as said – has kept to their basic formula, due to the heavier and sturdier approach there is a better flow in the album, and they show more similarity with Accept and early Judas Priest. The even more intense touring schedule of the band during the past two years have audibly paid off, seeing that the total picture has a more live-vibe to it. Besides that the arrival of new guitarist Alexander Lyrbo (who mostly has a death metal background) has for sure had an influence on the new approach as well.

As soon as the band bursts out with the fantastic title track after the intro, they immediately grab you by the throat and make it impossible to sit still. And that hardly changes after that and the songs manage to keep you focused from start to finish. This is Bullet in absolute top condition. The album simply has no weak moments. All nine tracks (intro not included)are rather strong with ‘Riding High’, ‘Tornado’ and the faster ‘Hawk Eyes’, ‘It’s On You’ and the magnificent title track as highlights. All in all ‘Storm Of Blades’ is definitely the band’s strongest effort to date and the proof that they deserve their high status in the genre. Fans of the earlier works and fans on sturdy 80s hardrock and heavy metal can also purchase this album with an assured heart and treat themselves to yet another addiction.

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