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Motherkissers - Cage The Waters

Motherkissers - Cage The Waters

Label : Memorial Records | Archive under nu metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : Motherkissers is an in 2011 started Italian nu metal band with influences drawn from metalcore and with ‘Cage the Waters’ they released their first album in June this year. The bandname maybe debatable but that doesn’t say anything about their music you might say. Unfortunately I have to say that at the listening of the first track the vocals manage to irritate me within 10 second and then I am only talking about the clean parts. If have to describe the screams I would say that it sounds like a cat who suffers from bronchitis. Because the eminent role of the vocals I got quite distracted from the instrumental part of the music that actually doesn’t really sound that bad but unfortunately far from original. All together this album is hard to get trough and I even had the urge to quit listening after the first track

Motherkissers proves with ‘Cage The Waters’ that bands still release albums that I consider weak and that is quite regretful. The guys in Motherkissers may not take themselves serious but I can suggest them to take a serious listen to their music before they start with the successor of ‘Cage The Waters’.

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