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Lelahell - Al Insane - The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane

Lelahell - Al Insane - The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane

Label : Horror Pain Gore Death Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Ever since the release of the 'Al Intihar' EP in 2012, I have been curiously awaiting the release of the debut full-length by Algerian deathsters Lelahell, which they already were writing back then. Earlier this year, there was the re-release of the EP, but no sign of the debut album yet, back then. Luckily, American label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions signed the band and they have finally released 'Al Insane - The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane', on which we find ten tracks and some forty minutes of brutal, fast paced death metal, to which some traditional Algerian influences have been added, mainly in the melodies.

The raw and unpolished sound the band had on the EP has shifted a bit towards a more modern, Melechesh meets Cannibal Corpse kind of sound. Although the pace is very high and the tempo changes - most of which are between fast and faster - follow each other quite swiftly, the album has some groovy bits to it as well, although I would wish for more of those. The screams that are used every now and then add to the variety and could be used some more too. Although the promo did not come with any lyrics, I have a feeling that besides English, they also use Arabic and French. I do not speak any Arabic and my French has not been very well maintained since high school, but the usage of more than one language gives the album an odd atmosphere - which I like. The articulation is just a bit 'off', or better different than expected, which is refreshing. Soundwise, the (fast) double bass is a bit overpowering sometimes. All in all a very decent record and I hope the band will gain a bunch of listeners and followers through this release and that they continue to write and release music, because I have a feeling that this threepiece death metal outfit has not reached its creative peak yet. For now, a very decent album!

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