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In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours

In Search Of Sun - The World Is Yours

Label : Raging Demon Entertainment | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : This band from London delivers a progressive form of alternative rock/metal, a description which might remind you of bands like Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja and Karnivool. Bands which all have their home ground in Australia and they all have managed to release some impressive albums. In advance I can mention that In Search of Sun with their debut 'The World Is Yours' have released and album that give live up to those releases.

With opening and title track you immediately get sucked into a song that contains loads of musical craftsmanship and dynamics. The ingredients are a catchy groove which is in perfect balance with some tasteful guitar leads and added to that the vocals of Adam Leader which sound powerful but still accessible. Were some singers might sound a tat to polished he possesses a raw edge to his voice which gives it some extra character and above has an appealing sound to it. From start to finish the whole band delivers a high performance without them to over exaggerate their skills. If we have to mention one of the many highlights then I would pick the track ‘To The Axe’. The track contains a vibe which made me think of Iron Maiden from time to time and it builds to a climax which has a surprising punk/hardcore vibe to it. In comparison with the before mentioned bands In Search Of Sun seem to draw some influences from more “traditional” styles of metal which characterizes this band.

With this debut album In Search of Sun knows how to grab and hold your attention with allot of surprising twists and turns from start to end. A very promising start of this British band.

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