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Halcyon Way - Conquer

Halcyon Way - Conquer

Label : Massacre | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : In the meanwhile 'Conquer' is the 4th release from the in 2001 established Halcyon Way. The Progressive metal band plays a modern mix of Power and Trash that at times reminded me of bands like Communic and Nevermore.

In the title and openings track that is exactly what you can expect. Fast guitar riffs alternated with thick metalcore-ish grooves driven by pounding drums and those are all molded into songs with a clear start and finish. But as the album progresses I still get the feeling that this is a bit overdone. Regardless of the dynamics and the qualities of each band member it is al somewhat tedious. At times I got the feeling that the band tries to include as many aspects from their influences as possible into one song and despite it is tedious it is still uncomfortable to listen to. Having a lot of influences is certainly not wrong but that seems to be an obstacle with this band because most of it comes across somewhat unconvincing and unpleasantly urgent.

'Conquer' is certainly not a bad release but because of its somewhat dreary it could not convince me. However it’s a certainly a record which I would recommend to fans of technical power and thrash.

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