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Grimner  - Blodshymner

Grimner - Blodshymner

Label : Stygian Crypt Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The initiative already happened in 2008 – six years ago indeed – yet we can consider Swedish Grimner as a new, upcoming band in the Viking metal genre. They come up now with their proper international debut album ‘Blodshymner’. It was initially preceded by an EP named ‘A Call For Battle’ in 2010 which was welcomed with praise and made them score some proper gigs, even at a German Festival (Metal Bash festival). But the band kept on developing. The self-released full length ‘Fard’ marked the joining of flutist / mandola player Johan Rydberg and a new second guitarist Marcus Brattberg, also important for his lively background vocals, which reminds us of the role of Sami Hinkka in Ensiferum. Actually Grimner is a bit comparable musically to this Finnish act. Since then all lyrics were written and sung in Swedish language.

Yet the main man of this outfit happens to be founder member Ted Sjulmark with his raucous growling vocals and melodic guitars. He writes all compositions and the six-piece executes it promptly without flaws. Due to the obvious Viking tradition with bellicose material and fetching folk melodies, we labelled this as black / pagan metal, but in the end this is inciting folk metal with low-pitched grunts and sturdy heathen choirs (clean). In ten rather lengthy songs – most of them are between six and seven minutes long – Grimner manages to keep the pagan fire burning with cheerful folk melodies, excellent guitar skills and most of all flutes that add a melancholic zest from time to time, but on the other hand also will make the crowd dancing. The songs have proper tempo changes, going from up-tempo massacre till thoughtful parts, but the battle-like flavour always prevails. In this respect the cover art of Jan Yrlund fits the global feel. The music has a cinematic flavour (wealthy keyboard arrangements) and finally this is a band we should keep an eye on. Recommended tracks: the mid-paced ‘Fard’, ‘Skogsdomd’ (amazing melodious guitar solo) and the contemplative ‘Attlingars Klagan’ in which they slacken down pace. Just as these guys say, this is only the beginning and we look forward to their future efforts…

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