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Flashback Of Anger - Terminate And Stay Resident

Flashback Of Anger - Terminate And Stay Resident

Label : IceWarrior Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : When I saw the band name I thought I heard it before. But I was not sure. But after checking the archives of the Lords I found my review of the album 'Splinters Of Life' but I noted directly that review was from five years ago. In the meantime the band did not do very much. At least, that is what I read in the supplied bio. And after listening a few times to this new release, it is also obvious that musically nothing has changed either. Flashback Of Anger still guarantees a portion of melodic metal that certainly deserves to be heard.

Where the keyboards played a quite dominant role on the previous album, on 'Terminate And Stay Resident' the two guitars by Cercato and Lotti have every opportunity to excel. This opportunity suits the gentlemen with both hands. This new release is also heavier than the previous work, which of course we can only applaud. Alessio Gori still sings in the high regions and almost without an accent and the songs are well constructed. At times it sounds a tad too smooth for me; a more raw sound could do miracles for the band. But I should not complain too much: I prefer to start a little headbanging while listening to uptempo rockers like 'Mother Soldier' (little like Pretty Maids) and 'Black Prince', the Teutonic colossus 'Hiroshima & Nagasaki’, or quietly daydream with power ballads like'Do Not Let Me Fade’ or the stunningly romantic 'My Angel'. In this last track we hear the class of the band at its best. I guess we can expect a new release in a few years?

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