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Derdian - Human Reset

Derdian - Human Reset

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With ‘Human Reset’ Derdian releases its fifth long player, and let me say immediately that it’s the strongest effort from these Italians to date. The band has again strayed little from the symphonic power metal they delivered on the previous records, and the comparisons with Rhapsody Of Fire, Kamelot, Domine and Dragonland are still obviously present.

On the last album, ‘Limbo’, the band showed huge progress on songwriting matters. That progression has been continued on ‘Human Reset’ and the men have delivered a dozen solid tracks that – despite the total lack of self-identity – convince to the full. The compositions sound better thought-through than before and have more to offer, don’t bore very quickly, and all in all the music has more balls. The fast power metal pieces have more impact, the classical pieces stand out more, and power, melody and bombast are better balanced. Also on instrumental matters the gentlemen have progressed. Vocalist Ivan Giannini (Elegy, Ivory), who made his debut on ‘Limbo, is in absolute top condition and sounds very strong as well. And finally thanks to the good sound production the whole thing comes into its own and, despite the fact that there is a lot happening in the music, the band doesn’t make a chaotic impression whatsoever.

However, because of the lack of a self-identity the music is still quite predictable. So despite good songwriting and enough variety they lose your focus after a few songs. The total playing time of 64 minutes therefore is a bit too long. But all in all ‘Human Reset’ is a very decent symphonic power metal album that will surely apply to the fans of the genre.

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