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Arms Of War - Legions Of Steel

Arms Of War - Legions Of Steel

Label : Noizr Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : That small country south of ours has a lively metal scene; that much has been clear for ages. Still, I get very few Belgian albums offered to review. Now there is 'Legions Of Steel' by Arms Of War. You would think this is gay-erotic-power metal. But no, these guys play nasty thrash metal with a sharp death metal edge. The artwork is spiced with a lot of ugliness and is a good representation of the music that we encounter on this album.

The band plays straight-for-his-face thrash metal without unnecessary frills and does so very well. The vocals are raw and dirty and range from typical Testament vocals to filthy grunts where the grunts are the better. If we take into account that this is a debut album we can actually have nothing but respect for these guys. And we can be glad too, because it is suspected that there will be more, and thus better albums in the future. Next to that, the sound of the album is great. Yet it is not all as it is in the metal heaven. The title track (the first song of the album) is really great, with good use of keyboards.
Then the level of the songs drops slightly. It is certainly not bad; all the songs still have their memorable moments. But the title track is in total a lot better than the remaining songs. Anyway, it is their debut album and mistakes are forgiven. I've heard much worse debut albums.

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