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Any Given Day - My Longest Way Home

Any Given Day - My Longest Way Home

Label : Redfield Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : This band hailing from Gelsenkirchen Germany you possible already know from their cover of Rihanna’s 'Diamonds' which they have transformed into a crushing metalcore song. I can imagine that some people might have some reservations about this but the attention they have gained with this can of course bring a positive outwork to it all. Finally it became time to bring out some own material in the form of an album called 'My Longest Way Home'.

Right from the start of the album it became obvious that this is a band that doesn’t like to beat around the bush. Remarkably is the big contrast between the crushing grooves and melodic parts, added to that are some fitting vocals by front man Dennis Diehl who manages to offer a similar variation. Worth to mention is that the delivered performance by all the gentlemen within these band are impressive and, however I have to admit that the fat and modern production certainly have been an important factor in this. Still there is a downside to this release. Despite the performance I still think it all sound somewhat too polished and because of that it’s difficult to find something that makes Any Given Day stand apart from other bands in the genre. 'My Longest Way Home' is a release that managed to draw my interest in this band and is certainly a must have for fans of some modern metalcore.

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