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Tor Marrock - Destroy The Soul

Tor Marrock - Destroy The Soul

Label : Black Vulture Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : I was close to the right thing when I reviewed in 2006 the demo ’The Death Of Summer’ from the Welsh guys of Tor Marrock. I started my review with “What a cellar sound”, but finally concluded that the songs were not so bad. What happened? In current times the guys call their music on their Facebook ‘cellar metal’. Funny! In the meantime they have released a debut album ’A Gothic Romance’ in 2007 and now, seven years later, the second album ‘Destroy The Soul’ has been launched at the world by Swedish Black Vulture Records label. I wonder…

They have improved indeed and the far-reaching adoration for Type O’ Negative and Peter Steele is not so obvious anymore. They have developed a signature sound that comes down on occult doom/gothic metal, a style that had their heydays in the nineties. Yet it still sounds quite basic and rough and some of the songs (‘The Harbouring Of Suicidal Thoughts’) are too fragmentary. But there are good moments as well, like the fetching tracks ‘The Waves’ (with fine clean vocals) and ‘Why Do You Look In My Eyes’ (magnificent fluttering guitars). They create a proper occult, dark atmosphere, invigorated by the imago from vocalist/guitarist Tor Marrock and his two assistants as rhythm section.

The album starts with the title track in quite a resolute way with proclaiming the title, but then they go for mysteriousness with whisperings and a hoarse Tiamat alike voice. The up tempo ‘Born In Blood’ verges more to Paradise Lost. The melodious guitar skills bring the whole thing to a higher level, surely during the solo of ‘Christ Betrayed’, a remarkable infectious song. That is partly due to the contrast between slow doom parts and faster tempi with momentum when they sing: “Jesus Christ walked the earth”. The middle part of the album is very slow and doom-like. The raucous vocals and melodic guitars in ‘The Night Always Ends’ are very akin to Paradise Lost again. After the two above mentioned catchy gothic tracks we have ‘I Feel The Sun I See The Stars’ as final song. It is gothic rock with rough chants contra smooth clean vocals for a sleek chorus. They better had skipped the hacking middle part. Not bad at all, but surely not a revelation either.

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