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The Body Politic - Egressor

The Body Politic - Egressor

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : In 2011 this Canadian Progressive metal band released their debut album ´All To Human’ which got great response and after three years it is time to release some new material in the form of the EP ‘Egressor’.

The band plays a style which draws comparisons with bands like Periphery, Monuments, Tesseract and Intervals. You guessed it! This is a band which easily gets the name djent labeled to it. Which I would describe as a mix of polyrhythmic grooves provided with accessible clean vocals which interacts with grunts and screams. Of course there is also that specific guitar sound those bands love to use. Something that is not strange to this band either and they give an outstanding performance in all those aspects, but there is a catch to that. Bands which play this kind of style all kind of sound the same and they are difficult to separate from each other. However I still find something recognizable in The Body Politic. On the track ‘Swing For The Fences’ I found an aggressive mindboggling approach which reminded of the band Sikth and this is something I would find allot more on the following tracks. I have to add that earlier mentioned bands certainly are influenced by this band as well, but The Body Politics have managed to go for a quite appealing and somewhat different approach.

All with all it is not really groundbreaking but with ´Egressor´ this band delivered and EP that has the quality who can measure itself with other releases from djent bands.

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