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Anthology - The Prophecy

Anthology - The Prophecy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Anthology is a relatively new female fronted progressive metal band from Slovakia, which have released their debut album ‘Exitus’ in 2011. With this first record they were able to create quite a following in their home country and with this successor ‘The Prophecy’, which in contrast to ‘Exitus’ is sung in English language, their fame outside their own country needs to be established. On the basis of the song material on offer on this ‘The Prophecy’ album, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

For this second album they have introduced a new female singer in the person of Raylyn Shayde and that has been a great move as she’s determining the band’s overall sound to a large extent, in a positive sense that is. Raylyn has a clear, powerful voice with a pretty big range and she’s showcasing that in an impressive way on this ‘The Prophecy’. Just listen to songs like title track ‘The Prophecy’, ‘Scream Into The Darkness’ and ‘The Secret Of Midnight’, which are all prime examples of how excellent progressive metal should sound like! The only minor point of criticism might be that the English pronunciation is not always perfect, but you’ll just have to ignore that. Not only Raylyn’s contribution is convincing, but also the band around her is doing a great job on the very varied and entertaining song material that ‘The Prophecy’ contains. Anthology clearly shows that also in countries like Slovakia there certainly are talented bands to be found which effortlessly can compete with the more established acts in the female fronted scene. Therefore I would certainly advise you to give this band a fair chance and to give ‘The Prophecy’ an objective listen. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be just as impressed as I am with what this band has to offer!

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