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Terrafyght - Superstorm

Terrafyght - Superstorm

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Demo

Cor : Four tracks, or maybe three and an intro contains the demo EP of the Dutch Terrafyght. Generally the basics of the music can be traced back to the eighties; a pretty traditional, well performed metal intro (or is it a short instrumental track?), followed by mainly eighties orientated melodic hard rock with metal and prog elements and also something going in the direction of bands like Soundgarden. No surprises in originality, but certainly in quality; tight performance, very well organized arrangements and a great overall sound. Especially the vocals and the guitars are simply very attractive. This would have been played pretty often at Beton Uur, Stampij or Vara’s Vuurwerk (our national radio shows) in those days. Hopefully the guys have some ideas about getting this stuff spread around, because this sounds most promising.

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