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Wovenwar - Wovenwar

Wovenwar - Wovenwar

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Remie : The formation of this band may not be regarded as news, but for people who don’t know what happened prior to this a short summary. Wovenwar is a band that apart of vocalist Shane Blay (Oh, Sleeper) mere exist of ex-members from the band As I Lay Dying. Initial it was meant as a side project of guitarist Phil Sgrosso but in the meanwhile it became a full band. That is due to reason AILD's front man Tim Lambesis is sentencing a six and half year in prison at the moment, which is the cause that the rest of AILD's members joined Wovenwar.

Since their formation they recorded their self-titled debut which is set to release on the 31st of July. With the release of the preview track 'All Rise' in April this year we were given some high expectations for what to expect from this band. Noticeable was Blay's accessible and almost poppy approach, something that might not appeal to every metal fan but his outstanding singing qualities is undeniable. From before mentioned opener ‘All Rise’ until the last track you´ll find a constant stream of well-crafted songs. They could be summarized as a perfect cocktail of crushing grooves, technical machinegun riffs, tasteful leads, strong hooks and catchy soaring choruses with outstanding performances by each band member. This is especially noticeable in the tracks Profane and Archers which cover all aspects of Blay's range. The cherry on this musical pie is the great production packed in a bombastic and well balanced mix.

Excluding the intro and outro this album consists of thirteen tracks and there is just a tiny downside to mention. Besides strongest and closing track ‘The Prophets’ the other twelve tracks are quite much alike at the first listen, but with some effort and a few more listen´s you will notice there is still allot more to discover. Due to that given this album won’t easily get bored and from start to finish this album is a treat for the listener. It would be no surprise if Wovenwar would reach a very large audience with such a strong release.

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