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Irreverence  - Shreds Of Humanity

Irreverence - Shreds Of Humanity

Label : Nadir Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Italy’s Irreverence is around since 1995 and has released four full-length studio CD’s including their newest ‘Shreds Of Humanity’ album (which is out through Nadir Music) so far. Unfortunately nobody knows this band over here which really is a pity because these thrash metal maniacs are pretty cool. With the right promotion Irreverence can be a hit, but one gets the impression that this band only has a local following in their hometown Milan.

‘Shreds Of Humanity’ is an album that will attract both Kreator (‘Terrible Certainty’-era) and Overkill (‘Under The Influence’-era) addicts. Irreverences thrash metal riffs are brutal, mean, aggressive and old school at the same time. The sound is kinda clear and overwhelming but with Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) behind the helm nothing could wrong. If you are interested in buying this surprisingly good CD, take a peak at the bands homepage and ask for it!

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