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Eleanora - EP

Eleanora - EP

Label : ConSouling Sounds | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : You can hear that this Eleanora from Ghent, Belgium went to the same school Amenra is a teacher in. This two track CDEP shakes the fundaments of the famous castle in Ghent with its screamo hardcore darkified sludge. The link with Amenra is tightened with the mastering being done by Mathieu Vandekerckhove and the fact that they did a split 10” some time ago. The mastering is unexpectedly bit soft I reckon. You can say a lot about the two songs ‘Mammon’ and ‘Amenable’ that is nothing but praise for the heaviness, the dynamics, the say-a-lot-with-few-riffs attitude that thunders in the way an arterial bleeding bleeds you out. All is said with the knowledge that they miss their own identity and wear the Amenra mask a bit too obvious. A shame because they are capable, are able and owe it to themselves to get a space of their own.

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