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Dunkelnacht - Revelatio

Dunkelnacht - Revelatio

Label : Wormholedeath Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Dunkelnacht, a French band that apparently used to play ambient music, but now plays slightly symphonic raging black metal. The kind that goes in the one ear and out the other. Drums that rattle on in the highest gear and a vocalist who tries to sound like Dani Filth really doesn’t help a lot for me. It is not bad, really, but so goddamned standard that it isn’t even funny any more. Quite tightly played and with quite a clear neat production. But totally faceless No idea what their ambient sounded like but maybe it’s an idea for the band to go back to that sound, or to mix that up with their standard black, maybe something fun will come out of it. Now we’re left with an average black metal album, one that we have heard so many of.

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