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Doomed - Our Silhouettes

Doomed - Our Silhouettes

Label : Solitude Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Doomed has just now already released its third album. The previous two ‘The Ancient Path’ and ‘In My Own Abyss’ were characterized by fine death doom which is reminiscent of old My Dying Bride, old Anathema, Officium Triste but also touches on funeral doom of a band such as Mournful Congregation and also possesses a bit of Evoken. Doomed is still a one-man project by Pierre Labe, although the man has gathered a live line-up and brought the band to the Netherlands twice now first at Dutch Doom Days and later at Dordrecht Doom Day. In comparison to the previous two albums not much has changed. Pierre has streamlined the sound a little more and has employed guest vocals on ‘Our Silhouettes’. Pim Blankenstein of Officium Triste features on ‘When Hope Disappears’. Pim sounds differently here, rawer and heavier, I would say, to what we’re used to. And to be honest I quite like it. On ‘The Last Meal’ we get to hear Andreas Kaufmann of Charon and Hatespawn. His mean vocals do add to the song. Once again Doomed delivers a fine album that will go down well with the death doom crowd.

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