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Dogmate - Hate

Dogmate - Hate

Label : Agoge Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Although Dogmate only has been around for two years the band sounds on 'Hate' as if they all have been around much longer. The Italians are influenced by grunge, thrash metal and hardcore and mix it all up into a nice pot of groove metal that sounds very mature. Great songs, great riffs and especially a nice groovy base. The four Italians, led by singer Mad, pay tribute to the metal of the nineties, with the singer himself sounding very much like Layne Staley and thus already has a head start. The vocals sound like a mix between Alice In Chains and Mastodon, so Dogmate has not denied today's metal. It is a somewhat unusual sounding mix at first hearing, but once you get used to the songs than it sounds pretty good. In contrast, the artwork of the album is pretty ugly so they should really rely on the music, but that is okay in this case.

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