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Epta7 - Eptasystem

Epta7 - Eptasystem

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Demo

Erik : This Irish band dared to release a demo CD with four songs on it that actually directly grab me by the sore throat. And to start off this review I can honestly say that it’s a shame that the four songs do not sound in the vein of the title track, which basically sticks in my mind like a junkie on its habit. Otherwise this would have been the demo of the year! Not that these industrial doom tainted songs are bad, on the contrary they shred r brain like a paper shredder, slowly and in many layers. Thus the songs on ‘Eptasystem’ are not spectacular in itself but contain enough layers to make this a damn fine listen! The sound these guys (and a girl!) use is refreshing. Labels should pick this up! NOW!

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