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Unisonic - Light Of Dawn

Unisonic - Light Of Dawn

Label : Ear Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : A couple of years ago when ex-Helloween members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske had announced to be working together again in form of their new project, Unisonic, the entire heavy metal scene went ballistic. “Two well-known figures who were party responsible for the classic ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys’ album back together? Well, that must be something special!” I – and a lot of other thought – and that’s also how it was announced. But yeah, deeds say a lot more word than words and, just like colleague Lord Patrick, I wasn’t really charmed with the self-titled debut from 2012. There were few signs of the traditional German heavy/speed metal that I had in mind, and I didn’t find the album more than a reasonable melodic hardrock/AOR record.

The second long player, ‘Light Of Dawn’, makes a strong start after the intro with the sturdy ‘Your Time Has Come’, which does falls back on the “Keepers” sound a bit. The fast guitars, ditto drums and Kiske’s typical high voice sound tastefully familiar and I find my head going up and down faster and faster in agreement. The following ‘Exceptional’ is a lot slower, dreamier and more progressive, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Fortunately the pace goes up again on ‘For The Kingdom’ (from the same-titled EP that was released in late May). On the following tracks they mainly continue on the melodic hardrock an AOR path as on the debut. And although the music definitely doesn’t sound poor, I can’t speak of real highlights. The sturdier ‘Find Shelter’ and the pounding ‘Throne Of The Dawn’ stand out in a positive way, while the rest of the songs – despite their tasty typical 80s atmosphere – are no more than reasonable or even weak.

Of course the songs are well composed and there is nothing to complain about the band’s instrumental and vocal skills, which also goes for the sound-technical side of it. Unfortunately the songs in general don’t have what it takes to keep you focused, and the slower songs are quite lengthy. The aforementioned peaks are unfortunately too predictable and too standard in order to be reckoned as real highlights. All in all ‘Light Of Dawn’ is stronger than its predecessor, but also this time the album doesn’t come further than a reasonable melodic rock/power metal album.

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