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Ministry - Last Tangle in Paris

Ministry - Last Tangle in Paris

Label : UDR Music | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : No, we will not again start talking about the question whether this latest release is or is not Ministry last one. Completely pointless.. Instead let’s just enjoy the sixth live album by the industrial metal demigod Al Jourgensen and his partners in crime. This is the second release on which the exhausting 2012 Relapse / “DeFiBriLaTour” has been recorded. Last year Wacken, this year we are treated on recordings made one month earlier in the Vic Theatre, Chicago – and not in Paris as the album’s title might lead one to think. According to the press release ‘Last Tangle In Paris’ will be the final live album by the band. I guess we will know what this statement is worth in a year or so.

Facts are that ‘Last Tangle In Paris’ is available as a cd, as a dvd for those who want pictures with the music (including obligatory backstage shots, a couple of interviews and – of course I would say after the man’s passing one and a half year ago – special attention for Mike Scaccia) and as a mega super collector’s edition with cd, dvd and two bonus cd’s containing something that has been dubbed a “live retrospective”, with live recordings dating back to 2006. 75% of them are the same songs as the regular cd, even in the same running order. The true fan will not mind about this duplication.

As has become usual, emphasis is on the band’s more recent output: the “Anti W” trilogy ‘Houses of the Molé’, ‘Rio Grande Blood’ and ‘The Last Sucker’ and the at that point latest album ‘Relapse’ with classics ‘Psalm 69’, ‘NWO’, ‘Just One Fix’ and ‘Thieves’ added as crowdpleasers. This album will not change the general picture of Ministry, nor will it send shock waves through the metal world. Ministry has become too predictable for that, although the one trick they keep doing is of a consistent high quality. It is useless to describe what one can hear on ‘Last Tangle In Paris, it is just Ministry. Loud, tense and as could be expected. Compared with ‘Live At Wacken’ there are only minor changes: ‘Rio Grande Blood’ becomes ‘Senor Peligro’ and ‘Waiting’ has been replaced with ‘The Last Sucker’, so any rational thinking fan will have not much reason to buy this new set of disks. But the allure of Ministry is such that most fans do not think rationally and blindly buy whatever Al Jourgensen serves them. Which is nice for Jourgensen’s bank account. ‘Last Tangle In Paris’ is a fine live-album, which could have passed for a studio-album if the public was pushed even further away in the mix. It gets good marks, but because of its utter redundancy ten points have been deducted.

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