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Gang - Inject The Venom

Gang - Inject The Venom

Label : EmanesMetal Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : I only know French heavy metallers Gang from a couple of songs that I’ve heard here and there, but I can say that the band’s traditional heavy/thrash metal always applied to me. Early spring the band released its ‘sixth long player, ‘Inject The Venom’, and I must say that it has definitely not turned out bad. The band has strayed little from what I’d heard from them before, and again delivers a combination of traditional heavy metal with an 80s thrash addition. The thrash plays a less important role here and the accent is mainly on rocking heavy metal with the roots deep in the 80s.

With influences from bands such as Raven, Riot, Metal Church, Grim Reaper and compatriots Chateaux and ADX the gentlemen rock through a dozen tracks that bring you back to the eighties. The songwriting, riffs, melodies, solos, high-pitched vocals, vocal lines, and also the production are utterly 80s and if I didn’t know better I could have sworn that this was released thirty years ago. Although the album rocks tastefully from start to finish and is one tasty chunk of nostalgia, and although the songs have what it takes, the album lack real highlights and the total playing time of over 53 minutes is a bit too long to keep you focused. But ah well, I can live with that. ‘Inject The Venom’ is simply put a nice old-school heavy metal record and will definitely apply to the fans of the genre and 80s fanatics.

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