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OverKill - White Devil Armory

OverKill - White Devil Armory

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : After 34 years American thrash legend Overkill is not only still kicking ass, but also still rising. Especially with the last two releases, ‘Ironbound’ (2010) and ‘The Electric Age’, the band around the charismatic vocalist Bobby “Blitz’ Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni released two of their best efforts in their career, and proved to still have a long road ahead.

With ‘Electric Age’ I had a hard time to believe that the band had actually outdone the predecessor, and after that fantastic record I must say that I never expected them to take it even a step higher! But what do you know? After listening to ‘White Devil Armory’ I must say that the gentlemen have managed to deliver the superlative degree of the previous record. Both previous albums were quite aggressive and ‘The Electric Age’ was also more thrash-oriented. The line of the last album has been drawn further and ‘White Devil Armory’, which is simply one chunk of pure aggression and an utterly thrash album! The tempo is quite high in general and the approach quite old-school. However, the album definitely contains the necessary variety. ‘Bitter Pill’ for example, is a mid-tempo headbanger with more influences from punk and hardcore. Also on ‘Another Day To Die’ the tempo is lower and again the traditional heavy metal influences come more to light, while ‘It’s All Yours’ shows a more modern side, while having an Accept-charm at the same time. Regardless of the tempo, ‘White Devil Armory’ blasts from start to finish and leaves a devastating impression. Also respect for Bobby, who after 34 years sound stronger than ever.

For me personally ‘White Devil Armory’ is also a statement. In the interview yours truly did with Bobby “Blitz” for the last record, the vocalist mentioned that the time was right for this type of music. And personally I think that with this album Overkill is showing the rest of the scene how business is done, and teaches the new generation of bands a lesson in thrash. I don’t think it’s necessary to say that the album is in top shape sonically as well, and despite the old-school approach it all sounds quite contemporary. Shortly put, with ‘White Devil Armory’ Overkill has delivered one of the strongest albums in its long history, and not only will it satisfy the long-time loyal fans, but will also gain the band a new generation of fans. Hails!

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