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National Napalm Syndicate - Lex Talionis

National Napalm Syndicate - Lex Talionis

Label : Violent Journey Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Wilco : This band has never pleased me. The Finns play death/thrash and do so since 1988. I feel that they haunt me. Apparently there have been some staff changes and some former members got together again to record this EP. On the EP are five songs, two new, two Finnish punk covers and a Nuclear Assault cover . The two new thrash metal songs are mediocre at best and sound very much like Slayer, especially 'The Church Of The Rat’ is for nicked from head to tail. ‘Planet Satan’ has more of a unique sound, but is not a remarkable song either. It is the best song on the entire EP however. In addition, the sound quality is downright mediocre. The cover of the Finnish punk bands Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio and Vivisektio are so bad that it is almost amusing. Almost. I think punk just about the most bad music out there. And so my judgment is hardly objective. The cover of Nuclear Assault is from 1988 and the recording as well. This is even worse than the other covers. Thank God it only takes 29 seconds. This really is a terrible EP. This act falls further and further away.

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