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Zord - Thorns & Wounds

Zord - Thorns & Wounds

Label : Nail Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ed : Although Hungary enjoyed the least oppression behind the Iron Curtain, it was not until well into the nineties before a healthy infrastructure for metal was laid down: instruments shops, repetition rooms, clubs and gigs – in all they were lacking before in the former Eastern Block countries. At the same time this is exactly the reason why there are so many good bands crawling out of the woodwork over there, they have been on a long and hard road. Yet, there have always been trailblazers. Who remembers Pokolgep? Toured in Holland for fuck sakes with forgotten heroes Attila. And much later: the innovative Sear Bliss whose mission it was to ram trombones through the throats of the metal community (in this they have only partly succeeded methinks).

Fast forward fifteen years and we see Zord outsmarting their peers and countrymen with their sophomore effort ‘Thorns & Wounds’. There is always that ethnic touch to metal from these parts of the world and we applaud them for it! Zord do not sound American, neither British nor mainland European. They do have their own watermark with their own brand of up-tempo power metal/thrash. Influences from bleak mongers Paradise Lost can be heard in some of their intelligent compositions, albeit a tad faster. ‘Thorns & Wounds’ sounds like the setlist of a cool concert. Much thought went into the song sequence. The lads work to a mid-album crescendo right from the beautiful acoustic start and arrive there around the tracks ‘Home, Black Hole’, ‘Thorns & Wounds’ and ‘Pedal To The Metal’, after which the album certainly does not fall flat on its feet but has a thunderous conclusion and an after-storm acoustic outro with the song ‘Dini’. A very nice album indeed. Let us hope the guys come westwards, to one of the German festivals at first, maybe?

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