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Mechanical Organic - This Global Hive – Part Two

Mechanical Organic - This Global Hive – Part Two

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ruben : The best part of being able to write reviews is receiving physical releases. Especially if the band makes the effort of sending a booklet and a back image. Add an empty case of your own and you have a real CD. There can be something quite confronting about a physical release. When you see the front and the booklet it leaves an impression about the band, the music and the amount of time put into it. This doesn't occur that much if you get a digital download. Mechanical Organic now brings me a physical copy. 'This Global Hive – Part Two' and everything seems to scream “Photoshop for starters!”. But, not being judgmental on the outside, the question is: What lies hidden on this disc?

Alright, let's get straight to the point: the music is almost the same as the illustrations in the booklet. Terribly pieced together and completely incoherent. Opener 'Show Me Oblivion' has an all-right refrain, but everything else is like loose sand. The riffs, the vocals, the drums and the keys, everything has it's own will. Nothing is connected. The vocals are just terrible at times. He sounds like a wrong version of Warrel Dane of Nevermore. Vocally it might be bad, but the music never really makes up for it, let alone carry the album to a higher level.Thematically the album is very dark and about conspiracy. 'This Global Hive – Part One', it's predecessor, also had a satanic influence. If we flip through the booklet of 'Part Two' we see a couple of Christ statues, the upper half being swallowed by some sort of suction pads. Also the lyrics clearly show the satanic edge to the songs.

Every song is just unpleasant to listen to. That's harsh, I know, but the band clearly doesn't deliver. Influences by Nevermore and a tiny bit of Queensrÿche are present, but Mechanical Organic never even comes close to the quality of those bands. Musically and vocally everything is just disappointing and shallow. Someone might say that this is progressive music and that, with the theme being secretive, the album is interesting. Unfortunately, from my point of view, this is far from recommendable. I just can't make it any better.

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