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Greenleaf - Trails & Passes

Greenleaf - Trails & Passes

Label : Small Stone Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim : After a lot of changes in the band occupation they are able to produce a fifth album. Theses Swedish guys make outstanding psychedelic stoner rock since 1999. How does that sound? An over doses of fuzz on the guitars where they produce calm melodies and a sand storm arising solos. The drum take care of an evenly rhythm and the singing fit great with the tuning of the guitars. The vocals sound similar to that of The Black Keys.

One of the most beautiful tracks is ‘Ocean Deep’. There is a powerful vivacious melody and a catchy refrain. Towards the ending al that is pretty is perfectly interrupted by a raw solo. Another calm melodic track is ‘Depth Of The Sun’. A slow psychedelic top track is ‘With Eyes Wide Open’. The intro is a two minute during over the edge guitar effect and slowly intertwines with the melody. On the background you keep hearing the freaky guitar sounds. Further on the track there is a good solo, an instrumental part, it is a song packed with change. The best part about stoner rock is that it has a musically broad spectrum, ‘Trails & Passes’ is a lot more rock and roll and flows easily into a mighty riff.

I searching for something but I do not know what. I start listening to their last album and I directly hear what I am searching for and I am evenly a bit disappointed. Their last singer Oskar had a more distinctive sound. I can really enjoy stoner rock and this is still an awesome album, but it is a bit tame. You can go two ways with stoner, beat the shit out of it like Queens of the Stone Age or pack it with experimental sounds. This is not one of them. Although I would listen to the album on a warm, dusky, summer evening. Or if I would drive through the desert, but this chance is considerably lower than the first example. If I have to choose, the I would rather play Nest Of Vipers.

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