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Stoneman - Goldmarie

Stoneman - Goldmarie

Label : Danse Macabre | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : The men of Stoneman have been a part of the metal world for about ten years, and are releasing their fourth album this year. The danceable industrial metal is a tad slower than most bands in their genre, and maybe a bit more melodic as well. They also use instruments such as pianos and organ, and the beats aren’t as controlling as other bands in the industrial scene either.

'Goldmarie' is an album which is quite catchy and still heavy on its own way. A bit Deathstars meet Murderdolls ten years ago. The band however, thinks they’re the heaviest and darkest of the entirety of Switzerland, but that’s something I don’t hear. It’s too swingy, light with a dash of humour and more rock than metal in most tracks. Of course, some are heavier than others, but that’s something I can only encourage. That element makes for a bit of diversity among tracks, and keeps the album balanced. The CD itself consists of enough quality tracks, though it isn’t a record I would play myself because it mashes in with the rest of the German industrial metal bands. It doesn’t stand out among the rest of them, and that’s something I do need in this genre. It’s nice for in between though, that as much.

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